‘Harmony and Statement’ through Goshoboh

what do you like in Goshoboh?

Arima Onsen(Tocen Goshoboh) Brand Manager

Lamiyaa Kanai

I was quite surprised when you’ve asked me “what do you like in Goshoboh?  “.  Because I usually address this question to  people who have visited Goshoboh, and I was hopping to hear your comment on that too.  Now that I am asked to summarize how I feel about Goshoboh, It seems to me that it is easier to chat about it rather than writing about it in few lines ( or pages). But, I am glad that you have asked me.

As I am writing to you these lines, I am remembering the first time I ever came to Arima Onsen, and to Goshoboh. Time goes by so quickly. 12 years later, I am living in Arima as a member of the Goshoboh family. That summer day, Kazushige ( who is today my husband) invited me and other classmates to the Arima Natsu Matsuri*, where I participated to the Makura Nage** game, and by mistake I end up throwing the pillow on Kanai-san (who is now my father-in-law). How bizarre is that?! I absolutely do believe in meaningful coincidences, or what we call “En”.


So, my first impression of Arima and Goshoboh was “Junsui***” “Nice” people. I could feel a certain beauty of effortless connection. And I still feel so today. So, when asked what do I like in Goshoboh, I would say that it is beyond just a historical building with good taste and rich History, or a great place, with warm staff, indulging cuisine, and relaxing onsen bath. For me, It is about the messages embedded in every activity since the establishment during the Kamakura period.

I had the chance to visit several gorgeous Ryokans, and I love most of them, but frankly, I feel that the true beauty of Goshoboh is hidden in the core believes of the Kanai family since 16 generations. The spirit of Omotenshi is certainly inherited in the DNA of the family, but more than that, it is that openness and that strong visionary ability that flow through the veins of the family that make the most of the beauty of Goshoboh.

I admire the fact that Goshoboh is more than a hospitality business, that it has a deeper purpose, after all it was the early “Yunushi” or the protector of the holy spring of Arima.


I usually work at the small office of Goshoboh, and sometimes at the salon library ( it is so relaxing ), but from time to time I do enjoy bathing at the indoor hot-spring bath,  and stay at different rooms when possible. So, as a guest, I feel that Goshoboh has a certain complexity, it has not one single tone. Mostly, I love its harmonious blend of old and new, east and west, rustic and polished, hot and cold, and the list can still go on. And just like nature is complex, imperfect and always moving, I feel that Goshoboh embodies most of these qualities. It is beyond mimicking the beauty of the seasons, or displaying a minimalistic interior, it is about  an essence of “Harmony ”and “Selfishness”.  I mean the original meaning of selfishness, which is finding the true self.